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The F.L. Roberts RewardsPLUS Program

F.L. Roberts RewardsPLUS is a FREE customer rewards program that offers money saving opportunities to its members.

Simply fill out an enrollment form to instantly receive your membership card and all the benefits that come with being a RewardsPLUS member, including bonus points on your first transaction (upon enrollment)! Enrollment forms are only available at participating F.L. Roberts Gas Stations /Convenience Stores, Golden Nozzle Car Wash locations and Jiffy Lube service centers.

What do "Points" mean to me?
F.L. Roberts RewardsPLUS members earn points each time they make a gas or in-store purchase at F.L. Roberts convenience stores and with each purchase at Golden Nozzle Car Wash and Jiffy Lube locations.

Points are automatically earned and can be redeemed for discounts on gas or on convenience store items, like coffee, candy bars or snacks.

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